April 10, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Outdoor Country Club
1157 Detwiler Dr
PA 17404
Members free, Guests $25.00

2018 Apr Strengths LeadershipHR Awards Event

Topic:  From Strengths Leadership to the Bottom Line

Click on From Strengths Leadership to the Bottom Line  for the presentation.

Our HR DNA knows that engaged employees choose to commit more time and energy to making the organization thrive. We often wonder why management doesn’t get that. However, when we present the case in language leadership understands, the bottom line, leaders do get it.

Strengths Based Leadership in organizations leads to greater engagement, productivity and a stronger bottom line as compared to other methods of leading an organization. Documented results of implementing strengths based leadership in an organization include—7.8% greater productivity from individuals who use their strengths daily and 8.9% greater profitability from teams who receive strengths feedback. (Data from Gallup)

Working with an organization’s leadership through their lense of productivity and profitability, makes HR a credible business partners and business contributor. Knowing how to make the case for the ROI (return on investment) for Strengths-Based Leadership is a win-win-win. Management gets profitability, HR leads the engagement strategy which we know is the right thing and employees have a place they love to work.

Speaker: Claire Novak

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Certification: Pending certification credit through HRCI and SHRM.

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At this meeting we are requesting members to bring a food donation for Sandy Home Food Pantry.  Please bring non-perishable items to help a local food bank.