December 14, 2021 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am
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Topic:  Pyramid and Windows: Achieving Optimum Performance Through Self-awareness

This interactive presentation introduces Maslow’s Hierarchy and Johari Window which are self-realization and self-actualization tools that can be used by leaders to improve motivation and moral within the workplace, while mitigative risk factors that could jeopardize a company’s legacy. 

 Attendees will be able to:

1. Gain self-awareness by using Maslow’s Hierarchy and Johari Window worksheets.

2. Will be able to identify internal and external barriers that prevent positive change from achieving optimum performance.

3. Learn and implement strategies to mitigate risks, identify resources, boost employee morale, and increase production.

4. Discover opportunities to reevaluate company policy and procedures to enhance optimum employee performance.

Pyramids and Windows: Achieving Optimum Performance Through Self-awareness, engages the audience to identify internal and external barriers to see beyond their current reality using worksheets and authentic discussions.  By doing so, this enables individuals to envision the endless opportunities to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Maslow’s Hierarchy addresses five categories of human needs starting with physiological, which is the base of the pyramid.  Each category or platform addresses a need that must be met for a person to find the motivation to move up the pyramid.   For leaders, having their employees reach the top of the pyramid on the self-actualization platform is where optimum personal and professional performance is achieved.

Johari Window is a psychosocial tool to help individuals become self-aware by looking into four aspects of their life (open, hidden, blind, and unknown).  If used properly, leaders can create a safe working environment to help their employees discover ways to bring issues out into the open so they can be dealt with appropriately. 

It is human nature for people to experience adversity and challenges such as domestic violence, a loss of a loved one, or health issues.  But it is through self-awareness and a safe environment that employees can develop healthy coping skills to build resilience and overcome those obstacles. 

Additionally, leaders will be able to help their employees recognize opportunities for personal and professional growth, which will enhance problem solving skills, creativity, and work/life balance.  Ultimately, this presentation will stimulate change by implementing self-awareness strategies to maximize each person’s potential and performance.  If leaders want to create effective change in the workplace, it should start at the top, because policies and procedures start at the Executive level.

This interactive presentation introduces Maslow’s Hierarchy and Johari Window, which are self-realization and self-actualization tools designed to help leaders improve motivation within the workplace.  Leaders will also be able to help their employees recognize opportunities for personal and professional growth, which will enhance problem solving skills, creativity, and work/life balance.


Jennifer Foxworthy Founder & CEO

Inspirationally Speaking, LLC

Jennifer travels around the country using her life experiences boldly, authentically, and transparently speaking on topics of corporate leadership, self-esteem, domestic violence awareness, overcoming adversity, self-care, and much more.  Jennifer specializes in making events memorable as a keynote speaker, moderator, guest panelist, workshop facilitator, or event MC by helping her clients self-actualize their individual greatness to move beyond internal or external barriers. Essentially, Jennifer uses her voice to help others find theirs. 


Jennifer is a retired Navy combat veteran, Distinguished Toastmaster, an award winning inspirational influencer, internationally published author, public speaking coach, as well as an anti-domestic violence activist and victim’s advocate.  After serving our country proudly for 21.7 years, Jennifer pursued a second career as an entrepreneur and in 2013 started her first business, Inspirationally Speaking, LLC where she inspires, motivates, and empowers thousands of people around the country to make changes in their life so that they can walk boldly in their purpose. 

Jennifer’s passion and knowledge of leadership, work-life balance, team building, and diversity in corporate America has motivated and transcended the internal and external business practices of several local, state, and federal government agencies as a corporate trainer through her top-notch seminars.  Jennifer also aims to encourage individuals to have a Get F.I.T. (Focused, Intentional, and Thriving) Mindset so they can ultimately find their personal peace, purpose, and power.  This mindset is achieved through her self-published book titled Tomorrow My Sunshine Will Come: Memoirs of Women Who Survived Domestic Violence as well as her prolific blog G.U.M.B.O. (Greatness Unbounded Moving Beyond Ordinary) just to name a few of her platforms. 

As a change champion and wanting to make a greater impact in the world concerning domestic violence, human trafficking and homelessness, Jennifer became the Founder and CEO of Unstoppable You Ministries, Inc., where she is a proficient event organizer and host of Unstoppable You Conference as well as host for Living Unshackled ON Purpose television show.  Unstoppable You Ministries supports these populations through emergency services, training, and resources.  In addition, UYM collaborates with other organizations to identify individuals who are at-risk or reentering society in order to provide services to boost their self-esteem and self-worth.

Believing that higher education is paramount, in March 2012, Jennifer received an Associate of Science in Business Administration Degree from Columbia College of Missouri and is an active Alumnus.  She then went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Communications (2015) and Master of Management with a focus of Public Relations (2017), both degrees earned from the University of Maryland University College.  In May 2020, Jennifer completed her Master of Social Work (MSW) from Salisbury University.

Purpose Pyramids and Windows: Achieving Optimum Performance Through Self-awareness

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