Call for Presentations

For York SHRM’s Professional Development Events

 York Society for Human Resource Management (York SHRM), an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), is

seeking facilitators and presenters for our professional development events, including monthly breakfast seminars, webinars and our annual Fall Conference.  If you are interested in presenting to our Chapter, we invite you to complete the attached Call for Presentations Submission.

Call for Presentations must be completed via this form. 

Faxed or mailed proposals are NOT accepted.

Instructions for Submitting a Proposal

  • Complete the attached Call for Presentation Submission form.  SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ENTERED INTO THE FORM.
  • Review for completeness, accuracy and legibility; sign and date form.
  • Include tangible takeaways that attendees will receive as a result of attending your program.

 Members of the Professional Development Committee will review all complete proposals. 
All York SHRM development events are submitted to the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and SHRM to be pre-approved for recertification credit.  To be eligible for approval, an activity must directly tie to the HRCI Body of Knowledge (BoK) and SHRM Body of Content and Knowledge (BoCK), which can be found online. 
Proposals which do not address topics contained in the BoK/BoCK will not be accepted.  Proposals which address the areas of particular interest to our Chapter members will be given priority.  Notification of acceptance will be sent via email. 


York SHRM members have adopted a Code of Ethics to promote and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and professionalism.  Members agree not to directly sell, promote or otherwise encourage other members to purchase or use their employer’s products and/or services and York SHRM expects the same of its presenters.  Presenters are advised that the direct promotion of products and services is not permitted. 

Call for Presentations Submission

All information must be typed and submitted either on this form or in this exact order


(*Items with an asterisk will be printed in the event announcement)

All information pertaining to this session will be communicated to the primary presenter. The primary presenter will be responsible for communicating session information to York SHRM as well as to his or her co-presenter(s). Information in all printed materials will appear exactly as provided on this application. Please check the spelling of all relevant titles, academic degrees, and professional designations. We ask for additional information so that we may contact you prior to the session, if necessary.


    Are you a current York SHRM member?:

    Are you or your organization a York SHRM sponsor?:


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    Required in case of an emergency the day of your program.

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    Have you or your co-presenters presented at a York SHRM conference/meeting in the past 3 years?:

    Please provide the date and topic of previous presentation(s).

    Please provide a brief summary of your presentation experience and your co-presenter’s experience. You may attach a biography that includes your expertise and qualifications. This will be used for both advertising the session and introductions.


    Session Title - 10 words or less; please clearly and concisely define the purpose of your program and what attendees can take away.

    Session Overview - 500 words or less; please describe content as well as method of delivery for your presentation, e.g., case study review, interactive exercises, etc.

    Session Summary for publication and advertising - 50 words or less – may be slightly altered to meet style guidelines and space limitations.

    Learning Objectives - please complete this sentence: Following my presentation, participants will be able to… You must submit 3 - 5 learning objectives. Reference to the BoK/BoCK is encouraged.

    Have you previously presented on this topic?

    If yes, provide date and venue of prior presentation:

    Have you presented on this topic before and been approved for HR Certification Institute (HRCI) or Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM CP or SCP) Recertification credits?

    If yes, provide HRCI and or SHRM program numbers:

    Please identify the level of audience your presentation will be most valuable to - choose one.

    1-Entry Level - sessions designed for those new to the HR field or specialize in a specific support function. These sessions have been created to help HR Professionals get started and to have the tools and knowledge to perform specific job-related functions.2-Mid-Level Professional - sessions intended for generalists, specialists and/or mid-level managers with several years of experience looking to obtain the competencies necessary to move to the next professional level or develop competency in a different functional area.3-Senior/Executive Level - sessions designated for those with ten or more years of HR experience and lead/direct a certain HR function, these sessions should provide the tools and knowledge to take organizations in a new direction

    Identify the HR competencies your presentation will develop. See the BoK/BoCK for detailed information regarding each of the competencies listed below. Choose any combination of competencies which your presentation seeks to develop. You must select both HRCI and SHRM competencies.

    HRCI Body of Knowledge
    Workforce Planning and EmploymentHuman Resource DevelopmentCompensation and BenefitsEmployee and Labor RelationsRisk ManagementBusiness Management and Strategy - Session Overview and Learning Objectives MUST meet HRCI's criteria for Business credit.

    SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge


      Each room will be provided with a lectern, laptop computer, LCD projector & screen, and one wireless lavaliere microphone. If you require additional audiovisual equipment, there may be an additional cost to you.

      Please identify any additional audiovisual requirements you will need.
      Flip charts & markersAdditional wired lavaliere microphoneSet-up for Panel DiscussionOther - please specify


      Please indicate all venues in which you would be willing to educate York SHRM members and guests.
      Chapter Meeting speaker-generally held on the second Tuesday each month from 7:30 to 9:00am. Presenters and facilitators are given approximately one hour to address the membership and guests.Conference SpeakerWebinar

      Do you require an honorarium or reimbursement for travel as a condition of presenting?

      If yes, how much is your honorarium to speak?

      If yes, would you be willing to accept a donation to a charitable organization in lieu of an honorarium?

      Please identify the charitable organization to which you would like York SHRM to make a donation on your behalf:


      As the primary presenter for this proposed session, I have thoroughly read the submission guidelines, selection criteria, and terms for speaker compensation, and I understand and agree that I will be responsible for communicating in a timely manner with York SHRM Members, the Professional Development Committee, and any co-presenter(s) regarding information about my session. I understand that:
      • York SHRM has final determination of the format and length of my session.
      • I am responsible for adhering to the Call for Presentations deadlines and the guidelines for submission outlined in this document.
      If I fail to do so, York SHRM reserves the right to remove my session from the conference program.
      • I am responsible for submitting presentation materials and handouts prior to the conference for inclusion on the York SHRM website.
      • York SHRM will not produce any handouts onsite. I am responsible for preparing handout material for my session attendees. Please
      note: All Materials will be provided on the Members Only section of the York SHRM website for the attendees to download.
      • As York SHRM programs are non-commercial forums, the direct promotion of products and services is prohibited.
      • This session may be video or audio taped, and my co-presenter(s) and I agree to this condition.
      • I am responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce my handouts if copyrighted by an organization other than York SHRM.
      • I must refrain from overt statements, harsh language, or pointed humor that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group.

      I agree with the terms and conditions outlined in this Call for Presentations. I also convey my permission and that of my co-presenter(s) for York SHRM to reproduce and distribute the session handouts prior to, during and after the conference. In the event of a cancellation, I will notify York SHRM in a timely manner or send a speaker that is knowledgeable of my presentation.

      By clicking send below you electronically acknowledge and Accept the York SHRM Terms and Conditions.